Zero Install Instant Hot Water Purifier MN-BRT22

Purified water of various temperature

With instant heating technology, this dispenser provides water of various temperature and volume within seconds. The all-in-one RO system and UV-LED guarantee clean water by removing bacteria, virus, heavy metal, pesticides and chlorine.

Designed with the user in mind!

* Remove ultrafine contaminants as small as 0.0001um in water

The innovative four-in-one RO filtration system can effectively remove heavy metals (Pb >99.9%*), bacteria (>99.999%*), viruses (>99.999%*), pesticides (>99.9%*), residual chlorine (>99.9%*), and effectively reduce the hardness of water by up tp 95% to prevent scale. Clean, fresh and tasty water guaranteed

* Auto-sterilization of water tank with UV-LED

The UV-LED built in the filtered water tank automatically operates every hour, killing 99.9% bacteria to avoid secondary pollution.

* Instant supply of water of different temperatures

With advanced instant heating technology, the dispenser provides fresh hot water of different temperature within seconds.

* 4 water temperatures for your selection

There are 4 temperatures: room temperature, 45 Celsius, 85 Celsius and 95 Celsius. No matter if it is baby formula, tea or coffee, now you can always prepare with ease

* 4 controlled volume and continuous flow

You can select 150ml, 210ml, 300ml, 500ml or continuous water flow to accommodate different needs.

* The system can remind you of timely filter replacement

The system automatically memorizes how much water has been filtered and reminds you when to replace the filter, so you and your loved ones always enjoy clean water.

* Winter mode to provide warm water on demand

When the inlet water temperature is less than 10 Celsius during winter, the output water will be of 25 Celsius when you long press the ambient water button for 3 seconds.

* Automatic water shortage reminder

It automatically reminds you when there's water shortage, preventing dry-burnt and ensuring safeness for you.

* Real-time water temperature display

 The real-time temperature of output water is shown on the display to warn you of hot water to prevent being scalded.

* Child lock to prevent mis-operation or burning

When the output water temperature is above 45 Celsius, the child lock will be automatically activated to prevent mis-operation or scalding

* For customers with harder or water with higher TDS, we do not recommend this product unless you are happy to make be more frequent membrane filter changes

Rated Power :      2200W

Mains Power:      220V 50Hz

Filter precision:    RO:0.0001um

Filtration capacity:  2000L

RO specifications :   50 Gallon

Filtered water flow rate: 0.13L/min

Hot Water Capacity:  30L/h

Original Water Tank:  4L

Hot Water Tank:     1.5L

Virus removal:       up to 99.999%

Bacteria removal:  up to 99.999%

Heavy metal removal:  up to 99.9%

Chlorine reduction:  up to 99.9%

Pesticide removal:    up to 99.9%

VOC removal:       Yes

Water hardness reduction: Yes

Input water pressure:   0-0.6 bar

Input water temperature: 5-38 °C

Input water quality: Municipal water

N.W : 7.1KGS       G.W:8.1KGS

Unit Dimension:  405x183x388mm

Packing Dimension: 470x260x475mm

Loading Qty(20,40GP,40HQ): 540/1125/1250PCS

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