Innovated Sparkling Soda Water Maker

An innovated Sparkling/ Soda Water Maker integrates a water cooler and a traditional sparkling/soda water maker, convenient to make bubble water.

Designed with the user in mind!

* Very compact, no need special installation, suitable for every place.

* Very easy to operate, special buttons to fill in CO2, enjoy making sparkling/soda water.

* Very easy to maintain. Rotating cylinder for replacement, easy operation. Portable water tank, easy to disassembly and clean.

* Three water supply options (in factory): Portable tank, bottled water, pipe line water.

* CO2 cylinder is recycling use which could be recharged for many times.

* Make own tasty flavor sodas, lemonade, cocktails by syrups or fresh fruits in healthy way.

1. Machine Spec.:

Rated Voltage: 220-240V/ 100-115V

Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz

Rated Power: 130W


Water Tank Volume: 2L

Cold Tank Volume: 1.4L

Cold Water Temp.: 5-10℃

Cold Water Capacity: ≥1L/h

Cold/ Sparkling Water Flowrate: 1L/Min

Sparkling/ Soda Water Volume: 0.4-0.5L

Concentration of Sparkling/ Soda Water: 5-7gr/L

CO2 Inlet Pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa

CO2 Cylinder Type: Standard 0.6L CO2 Cylinder

Display: OLED

Display Content: Cooling/ Water Lacking/Water Temp./ Soda Water Concentration Level


Water Supply: Portable Tank, Botted Water, Pipe Line Water

Workable Inlet Water Temp.; 10-32℃

Workable Environment Temp.: 4-40℃

Net Weight: 5.5kgs   Gross Weight: 6.5kgs

Package: Color Box

Product Size: 338*206*360mm

Packing Size: 430*280*430mm

Container Loading Qty. (20GP/40GP/40HQ): 520/1080/1296pcs


2.CO2 Cylinder Spec.:

Caliber Standard: Tr21*P4

Length with valve: 362mm

Size Thickness: 3.1mm   Φ:60mm

Weight: 780g

Capacity: 0.6L

CO2 gas weight: 380g

Test pressure: 20MPa

Bursting pressure: 25MPa

Safe working pressure: 15MPa

  • Innovated Sparkling Soda Water Maker

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