Zero Install Tabletop Water Cooler MN-BRT01C

Purified water of various temperature

With instant heating technology, this dispenser provides water of various temperature and volume within seconds. The RO system guarantee clean water by removing bacteria, virus, heavy metal, pesticides and chlorine.

Moreover, it no need professional installation, just fill up water and plug in, then you can clean water for different drinks!

Designed with the user in mind!

* No need profession installation, very compact and can be put anywhere that have a power supply

* Designed with ease and practicality in mind, incredibly easy to assemble and use

* With water shortage alarm, and easy to fill up the water

* Instant boiling system, getting fresh water fast

* Get water of cold, ambient, warm, hot or boiling as your needs:

Cold Water (7°C - 10°C), ideal for cold drink

Ambient water, ideal for direct drinking

Warm water (40°C - 50°C), ideal for baby food

Hot water (80°C - 88°C), ideal for coffee

Nearly boiling water (90°C - 98°C), ideal for tea

* Three option of volume to dispense: 150ml,250ml,1000ml

* Quick change powerful filtration system with filter change alarm:

Composite filter (PP+ Carbon): removes coarse particles, chlorine and organic impurities

RO Membrane: removes all pollutants and flavors to almost 100%

Post carbon: improves the taste

* For customers with harder or water with higher TDS, we do not recommend this product unless you are happy to make be more frequent membrane filter changes

Rated voltage: 220-240V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated total power: 2100W

Filtering accuracy RO: 0.0001μm

Filter Size: 10 inch

Flow rate of cold water: ≧0. 13L/min

Flow rate of ambient water: ≧0. 13L/min

Flow rate of hot water: ≧0.45L/min

Hot water capacity: ≧30L/h

Cold water capacity: 1.5L/h

Tank Volume (raw water): 5L (PP Food Grade)

Tank Volume (pure water): 1.5L (PP Food Grade)

Tank Volume (cold water): 1.5L (PP Food Grade)

Filter Life Expectancy: Total 2000L.

Composite Filter: 6 months; RO: 12 months; Post Carbon: 6 months

N.W.: 7.1Kgs   G: 8.1Kgs

Product Size: 185(W)x380(H)x440(D)mm

Packing Size: 275(W)x485(H)x495(D)mm

Loading (20GP/40GP/40HQ)/PCS: 472/960/1152pcs

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