Do you Know the Misunderstanding of Choosing a Water Purifier?

Jan. 09, 2021

Many people have many misunderstandings about water purifiers. Water Purifier Manufacturers will give you answers.

Zero Install Hot and Cold Ro Water Cooler

 Zero Install Hot and Cold Ro Water Cooler

1. Question: Pure water has no minerals, is it bad?

Answer: What? Take a word of persuasion and stop listening to those unscrupulous propaganda. Of course, the purer the water, the better. I have never heard of how much mineral nutrients can be absorbed by drinking water. In addition, CCTV's cctv10 science and education channel has already refuted rumors and proved that there is no such thing.

2. Question: The water quality of the weak alkaline water purifier is more conducive to health?

Answer: Half right and half wrong. Used on the water purifier is out of nothing. Yes: The weakly alkaline environment is good for health, and it comes from the adjustment of the acid-base balance of the real thing, which has nothing to do with the quality of drinking water. Wrong: Household water purifiers on the market cannot produce weakly alkaline water unless chemical elements are added, which is the concept of stealing gold.

3. Q: How about buying a filter element and sending a water purifier for community activities?

Answer: 90% or more is ineffective, only simple coarse filtration (rust, silt, etc.); it is recommended to buy regular and qualified RO products. You can buy it without worry, and you can use it with ease. (Note: RO is preferred, nanofiltration is also available, others are not recommended, almost equivalent to no filtration)

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