How to Choose a Water Purifier?

Nov. 27, 2020

As a Water Purifier Manufacturers, share with you.

Nowadays, water purifiers have become an indispensable daily necessities for many families. It is convenient and quick to get used to drinking a glass of warm water every morning to get up. At present, the pollution of water resources in our country is becoming more and more serious. Water pollution occurs from time to time in various places. The pollution can be seen everywhere, whether on the Internet or by your side. Due to frequent water pollution incidents, household drinking water is becoming more and more unsafe. This is also the reason why the demand for water purifiers has doubled in recent years, making household water purifiers more and more essential for households, but due to water purification There are many manufacturers of electronic devices and the quality of their products is uneven. How should consumers choose to buy?

If it’s a new decoration, you must buy a pre-filter. The household appliances that use water will play a role in pre-protection. 

Non Install Hot and Cold Ro Water Purifier

Non Install Hot and Cold Ro Water Purifier

Choosing a water purifier, first of all, we may need to understand the water purifier equipment in depth.

Of course, in addition to the difference caused by the installation method, different water purifiers also have differences in filtration accuracy, and this difference determines their use.

We can see that the front water purifier not only filters a large amount of precipitated impurities and causes harm to the human body, but also plays a role in pre-protection of water-using appliances.

Most of the problems with the water purifier are caused by the fact that the filter element has not been cleaned or replaced for a long time, because if the pre-filter element is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, the filter element will be blocked and the tap water will be blocked. After this happens, you can recall how long the water purifier has not been cleaned? If it has not been rinsed after a month, quickly rinse the filter element in two ways: forward and reverse! Second, take a look at how long our water purifier has been bought. Generally, after buying it for more than half a year, you need to change the first grade PP cotton filter element. If you have a physical store, you can contact the staff to replace it. If you don’t have it, you can buy it online. , Now the design of the filter element of the water purifier is very convenient, and you can change it yourself. Other activated carbon and reverse osmosis filters can generally be used for 1-3 years. In addition, many water purifiers are now equipped with a filter element life indicator, and the filter element can be replaced in time according to the indicator.

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