Is the Membrane Blocked by the Slow Water Production of the Osmotic Water Purifier?

Sep. 27, 2021

The reason for the slow water of the reverse osmosis water purification mechanism, many people attribute it to the blockage of the RO membrane. In fact, otherwise, there are other reasons that cause the pure water mechanism to slow down. As a Water Purifier Manufacturer, share it with you.

Reason 1: The membrane is blocked

Zero Install Hot And Cold Ro Water Dispenser

Zero Install Hot And Cold Ro Water Dispenser

Factors affecting membrane blockage:

1. The membrane has been used for a long time, some have been used for two years, three years, or longer. According to the instructions, the life of the membrane is one and a half to two years. The life of the membrane has to consider the water consumption and the quality of the raw water. The water consumption and the quality of the raw water are generally proportional to the life of the membrane.

2. The pre-filter element has not been changed for a long time, resulting in a siltation of the water quality inside the machine, which is far worse than the water quality before entering the machine.

3. The quality of raw water is poor, and the proportion of concentrated water is rather small, causing the blockage of the concentrated water solenoid valve or the flushing combination valve, and the machine does not discharge concentrated water, or discharges very little concentrated water, then the short life of the membrane is expected NS.

4. The quality of the film itself is poor. Like those films that are as low and as low as they are, where do you expect it to be any better?

Reason 2: the filter element is blocked

To use an analogy, the filter element of a water purifier is like the "kidney" of our body. The water quality of the water purifier not only depends on the quality of the filter element, but also depends on whether the service life of the filter element is replaced in time. To replace it, it will cause water blockage, the water flow will become smaller and smaller, and long-term use will also cause the entire water purification system to be contaminated. Therefore, users should develop a good habit of regularly replacing the filter element. Generally, water purifier manufacturers will not charge indiscriminately, and the cost of replacing the core is not high.

Blockage of rear activated cotton

This situation generally occurs after replacing the new post activated carbon. Because there is too much toner, there is no flushing. Therefore, the general granular activated carbon filter element should not be filled too much (not for cutting corners). It is necessary to reserve space for filling, on the one hand, to ensure water flow, on the other hand, the activated carbon itself also has an expansion coefficient.

Low temperature

The water production rate of the RO membrane has a great relationship with the temperature, the hottest temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, and the lowest temperature is not less than 5 degrees. Generally the best temperature is 25 degrees. Take 25 degrees as the standard. Generally, for every degree lowered, the water production will be reduced by 3%. Therefore, the water production rate in winter is generally reduced by half or even more than that in summer. Rural users especially need to pay attention to cold and frost protection. Sometimes the filter bottle and membrane shell will be damaged in winter. The outlet of the concentrated water pipeline should not be placed outdoors in winter. 

Pump boost is small

The pump boost is small, which generally appears in reverse osmosis water purifiers with a service life of more than two years, or pure water machines that have been in operation for a long time. The principle of water production of a pure water machine is to pressurize the pump to drive the water to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane at the appropriate pressure. Household water purifiers are generally about 6-7 kg, and reverse osmosis commercial machines are generally about 4 to 6 kg. The increase in user water consumption and the pollution of water quality may cause the life of the pump to be shortened. 

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