A Guide for the Maintenance of the Water Purifier

Sep. 08, 2021

With the rise in our standard of living, water purifiers have become an indispensable product for every household. But because of the popularity of water purifier is not as popular as refrigerators, washing machines and other such household appliances, many people are not clear about the water purifier, do not know how to maintain maintenance. As a water purifier supplier, I will share with you a guide for the maintenance of the water purifier.


Household Water Purifier Maintenance Tips

Hot Water Purifier 

Hot Water Purifier

Do not Move Frequently

Water purifier internal is connected by a lot of PE pipe, often move may lead to damage to the internal water purifier accessories or PE pipe loose, so that the machine can not run or leakage.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

No matter what kind of water purification equipment, in the use or installation should be careful to avoid direct sunlight. Water purifier is in direct contact with the water, long-term exposure to sunlight will breed bacteria or algae.


Avoid Heat Sources

Any kind of water purifier should not be too close to the heat source, such as too close to the heat source, long-term baking, will affect the life of the water purifier components and thus shorten the life of the water purifier. It is best to prevent and control the water purifier in a cool, sunless place.


Flush Cleaning

The water purifier needs to be flushed before the first use after installation. In the course of daily use is also required to clean regularly, half a month cleaning sequentially or a month, depending on the water quality at home to decide. Water purifier more than five days without use, in this use should also be flushed once so as to better protect healthy drinking water.


Timely Replacement of Cartridge

The replacement of the cartridge is the most important. It can be said that timely replacement of the cartridge to purify good and healthy water. Water purifier belongs to the consumables category, regardless of any water purifier, any kind of cartridge, after using a period of time need to replace the cartridge. The cartridge is the core component of the water purifier, mainly to intercept sediment, harmful substances in the water. Cartridge interception of these harmful substances to reach full should be replaced, otherwise not only can not achieve the effect of purification, but also easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria.


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