How to Verify the Filtering Effect of the Water Purifier Bought Home?

Jul. 12, 2021

When we moved back home with a water purifier, we thought we were all happy and used it with confidence. However, if we did not buy a water purifier suitable for our family, the filtering effect would not be satisfactory. But at this time, how to verify whether the water purifier has a good filtering effect on the water? As a Water Purifier Manufacturer, share it with you.

1. Use a transparent cup for naked eye observation

First of all, we can fill a glass of water filtered by a household water purifier with transparent glass, and then carefully check whether there are any suspended fine substances in the water in the direction of sufficient light. If there is, it means that the filter effect of the water purifier is not good. If not, cover the quilt and let it stand for three hours, and then observe whether there is any sediment at the bottom of the cup. If there is, it means that the suspended impurities in the water are seriously exceeding the standard and the filtering effect of the water purifier is unqualified.

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Zero Install Hot and Cold RO Water Dispenser

2. Infer the components in the water by making tea

Use the water filtered by the water purifier to make tea. Leave it for a night, and check whether the tea turns black the next day. If the tea turns black, it means that the iron and manganese content in the water exceeds the standard. The water purifier has a filtering effect on metal ions. Unqualified.

 3. Check the chlorine by smelling

Take a glass of water directly from the faucet with a glass, and then use your nose to smell it. Is there a smell of chlorine? If you can smell the chlorine, it means that the chlorine in the tap water exceeds the standard! Then use the cup and a cup of water purifier to filter After the water, use the same method to detect, if it still smells, it means that the water purifier is not effective in dechlorination.

4. After boiling, check for scale

First check whether there is a layer of visible scale on the inner wall of the water dispenser or kettle at home. If there is, it also shows that the hardness of the local water quality is too high, and the content of calcium and magnesium ions is high. Then use a clean water dispenser or kettle to boil the water purified by the household water purifier, and use it for about a week to check whether the water dispenser or the inner wall of the kettle still has scale, or whether there is astringent feeling when drinking. If it is, it also shows that the filtering effect of the water purifier is not good.

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