Does the Activated Carbon in the Water Purifier Need To Be Replaced Regularly?

Jun. 03, 2021

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Activated carbon is a physical adsorption, no pollution, no side effects, so activated carbon is a relatively common filter material in water purifiers. So can the activated carbon in the water purifier be used for a long time, and why should it be replaced regularly?

Non Install Hot and Cold Ro Water Purifier

Non Install Hot and Cold Ro Water Purifier

Because activated carbon is generally made of husks, branches, etc. as raw materials, it is heated at high temperature in the absence of air, and water vapor is continuously passed in to remove the wood gas, wood tar and other substances that are decomposed by heating such as husks and branches. Yes, its main ingredient is charcoal, so it looks black. The activated carbon is full of tiny pores inside and out, so its surface area is particularly large. According to calculations, the surface area of 1 gram of activated carbon can reach 500-1000 square meters. This makes activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, people can use it to adsorb harmful substances in water or air to purify water or air.

However, activated carbon mainly plays a role in filtration and adsorption in the water purifier. If it is used for a certain period of time, the activated carbon will be saturated by adsorption. Once it is "full", it will lose its purification function, and as time grows, the adsorbed substance and activated carbon itself will retain some microorganisms and bacteria. Therefore, the activated carbon in the water purifier or filter can not be used for many years. It is best to replace the activated carbon in the water purifier or filter tank in time after a certain period of time. Three months to half a year are appropriate, and the longest should not exceed one year. You should consider replacing the activated carbon. Although activated carbon does not dissolve in water, even if some small particles are floating in the water, drinking it will not cause harm to the body. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of the water purifier to avoid drinking "sewage" caused by secondary pollution!

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