What is the Reason for the Sudden Decrease in Water Output From the Water Purifier?

May. 12, 2021

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When the new water purifier is first used, the water output is not only large, but also very smooth. But after using it for a period of time, many friends will find that the water flow rate of the water purifier becomes smaller. Of course, there are actually reasons for this situation. How to solve the problem that the water flow of the water purifier suddenly becomes smaller?

Quick and Hot Water Dispenser Parts

Quick and Hot Water Dispenser Parts

The reason for the small water output of the water purifier:

1. The water pressure is too small

In some areas, the water pressure of the water supply is often low, which will cause the water output of the water purifier to decrease.

2. The filter element is blocked

The filter of a water purifier is equivalent to the "kidney" of our body. The water quality depends not only on the quality of the filter, but also on whether the filter is replaced in time after its life has expired. If the filter is used for too long, it will be blocked if it is not replaced, and the water outlet of the water purifier will become slower and slower, which will pollute the entire water purifier for a long time.

3. The temperature is too low

During the winter season, because the water temperature is too low or freezing, it will cause the water flow to become smaller and even the water pipes will be frozen.

The solution to the small water output of the water purifier

1. Install booster pump

In places where the floor is relatively high or the property market is too high, the water output will be small due to insufficient water pressure. At this time, a booster pump needs to be installed to solve the problem of small water output. Or install a water purifier with self-priming function. We recommend the SZS-RO-RS self-priming pump configuration to meet the needs of users with low water pressure and no water pressure.

2. Regularly replace the filter element

As the core component of the water purifier, the filter element continuously consumes itself to achieve the purification effect. Only by constant replacement can the filtered water be safe and healthy. The filter element of the water purifier is a consumable item. If it is not replaced in time after the service life expires, not only the purification effect will be greatly reduced, but it will also cause secondary pollution to the water quality. The long-term accumulation of impurities on the surface of the filter element is likely to cause pollution to the incoming tap water, so that the water filtered by the water purifier is not as clean as the tap water.

3. Take measures to keep warm

If the water purifier is placed outdoors, it is necessary to take measures to keep it warm in winter, put a "coat" on the water purifier, or move the water purifier indoors. In an environment where the temperature is too low, it is necessary to take measures to keep the water pipe warm, otherwise the water pipe is easy to freeze, which will affect the water outlet of the water purifier.

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