Several Knowledges About Water Purifiers Must Know

Nov. 02, 2021

Everyone knows that the purpose of installing a water purifier is to ensure      the health of drinking water, but do you know about water purifiers?

In response to these problems, Ro Water Purifier Wholesaler introduces you to a few common sense of water purifiers, so that you have a better understanding of water purifiers!

Why do I need to install a water purifier?

Daily tap water boiling can only kill bacteria and viruses in the water, but cannot effectively remove rust and heavy metals in the water.

Tap water transportation pipelines and community water towers may have hidden dangers of aging.

Long-term drinking may have adverse effects on health. The use of RO reverse osmosis water purifiers can effectively remove all kinds of pollutants.

What is the difference between microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse      osmosis?

Zero Install Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier

Zero Install Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier

Microfiltration: The filter diameter is 0.1 microns, and the main material is PP cotton, ceramic filter element, which belongs to coarse filtration and can only filter larger impurities such as sediment.

Ultrafiltration: The filter diameter is 0.01 micron, and the main material is PP hollow fiber, which can remove germs, pesticide residues, silt, etc. The biggest difference from RO filtration is that it cannot remove heavy metals and scale.

RO reverse osmosis: The filter diameter is 0.0001 microns, and the main material is RO reverse osmosis membrane, which can remove harmful substances including heavy metals, germs, pesticide residues, and scale. The filtered water can be directly consumed.

What does 50G/400G in the water purifier mean?

G is the abbreviation of English gallon, which means gallon, a unit of (body) volume, 1G=3.785L.

What is the pure wastewater ratio?

The waste water ratio refers to the volume ratio of pure water produced by the pure water machine to the discharged waste water per unit time.

The "waste water ratio 1:1" of the water purifier means that when the water purifier is making water, one part of pure water will produce 1 part of waste water. The waste water contains rust, viruses, bacteria, sand and other impurities, which will be drained.

How to choose the filter element of the water purifier?

Generally, there are roughly 4 types of filter elements on the market, namely PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration filter elements, and reverse osmosis filter elements. The filtration accuracy is increased from left to right.

The choice of water purifier filter elements is not the better, and the filter elements must be replaced regularly, and each filter material has a corresponding replacement cycle.

Why should the filter element be replaced regularly?

As the core component of the water purifier, the filter element is also consumable. If it is not replaced in time after the service life expires, not only the purification effect will be greatly reduced, but it may also cause secondary pollution to the water quality. Only regular replacement can ensure that the filtered water is safe and healthy. Our company also sells Zero Install Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier, welcome to contact us.

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