How to Choose the Right Household Water Purifier?

Dec. 09, 2020

As a Water Cooler Manufacturers, share with you.

1. Type of water purifier & how to choose

Water purifiers include pre-filters, ultra-filters, water softeners and RO reverse osmosis water purifiers. Regarding the water purification effects of pre-filters, ultra-filters and RO reverse osmosis water purifiers, please refer to the following table:

Zero Install Hot and Cold Ro Water Cooler

Zero Install Hot and Cold Ro Water Cooler

The main function of the water softener is to replace the magnesium ions in the water and soften the water quality.

The current family drinking water must use RO reverse osmosis water purifier, so that the water quality can be thoroughly purified. As for the pre-filter, ultra-filter and water softener, they can be used together:

For example, when installing an RO reverse osmosis water purifier, a pre-filter will also be installed, especially where the water quality is poor. This is a necessary option. It can block suspended solids in the water and effectively protect the end water purifier.

The ultrafiltration machine can generally be used for domestic water purification, and can be used with a water softener to act as a soft water softener in the center of the house.

Summary: Install RO reverse osmosis water purifiers for household drinking water. Household statistics in areas with poor water quality allow the arrangement of whole house water purification.

2. Pay attention to product parameters

Flux, that is, the permeation specification is the amount of water purified by the water purifier in 24 hours, the unit is G

In general, the greater the flux, the faster the unit water speed and the fresher the water quality.

Recommendation: It is recommended to start with 400G for household use. 400G, 600G, 800G and 1000G are all common specifications. It is recommended to choose large-throughput specifications for multi-person households, maternal and child families, or public places with large crowds.

Rated net water volume & water flow

Rated water purification refers to the total amount of effective water purification of the water purification filter element under normal operation. Generally, if this value is exceeded, the filter element of the product needs to be replaced with the filter element of the water purifier.

The end water flow velocity reflected by the water flow refers to the water flow velocity per unit time, and the unit of settlement is L/min.

Regarding the rated water purification volume and water flow rate of the product, there is actually no specific purchase standard. Careful friends may find that the products with the larger flux of the same model product have the average value of the rated water purification volume and water flow rate. Will be bigger. So the specifics have to go back to the choice of penetration specifications.

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