What Role Does Each Filter Element of the Water Purifier Play?

Apr. 22, 2021

The water purifier has been used for a long time, and many consumers may have the following questions in their minds. Why are there so many filters in the water purifier at home? Can these filter elements be reduced and combined into one, so that it is convenient to replace in the future, and there is no need to remember the replacement time? Although we understand the reasons why users have the above thoughts, we still have to cruelly tell consumers that they may not be realized according to the current water purification technology. As an RO Water Purifier Supplier, share with you.

Zero Install Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier

Zero Install Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier

1. The best forward: PP cotton filter

The PP cotton filter element, also known as the polypropylene melt blown filter element, is the first defensive level in the filtration of the water purifier. It is like a forward charged in the front on a football field, creating opportunities for shooting. The PP cotton filter element adopts the principle of external pressure filtration, which determines its large amount of pollution and water flow. It can effectively block the rust, sand, colloid and other large particles in the water, and effectively reduce the turbidity and color of the raw water. Degree and visible to the naked eye. Most of the impurities will be filtered here, but its service life is not long. Generally, it is recommended to replace it in 3-6 months.

2. The best avant-garde: carbon rod filter

After the water quality has been filtered by PP cotton, it will come to our avant-garde carbon rod filter element, and the carbon rod filter element will be divided into activated carbon filter element and post activated carbon filter element according to the location of use, both of which can play a very good role. Adsorption, and this adsorption mainly refers to the adsorption of different colors and odors in the water, just like a sponge absorbing water, through the developed pores of activated carbon to achieve strong adsorption. But consumers need to know that the service life of the carbon rod filter element has a lot to do with its location. For example, if the position is at the front, which is generally the second stage in the water purification path, the life of the filter element is generally 6-8. Months. If it is a post carbon rod filter, it is located behind the RO membrane. Its main function is to secondarily adsorb a small amount of impurities that may remain in the water and improve the taste of the water. Its service life can be as long as 12-16 months.

3. The best back waist: ultrafiltration membrane filter element

Consumers who are familiar with the stadium should know that the back waist is located at the rear of the stadium and is the backbone of the stadium, and our ultrafiltration membrane filter element is also such an indispensable presence in the water purification path. The ultrafiltration membrane filter element adopts the principle of external pressure filtration. It relies on the dense micropores on its surface to achieve purification, separation and concentration of water quality. In fact, it is a process of screening and separation, which can effectively intercept suspended solids and particles in water. Bacteria, colloids and other macromolecular substances filter out safe water. Its biggest feature is that the water output is large, and no waste water is produced during the filtration process. Its service life is generally recommended to be 12-16 months

4. Gold medal defender: RO membrane reverse osmosis filter element

The defensive player is the key protective shield to ensure that the team does not lose a goal, and the solid protective shield in the water purifier is the RO membrane reverse osmosis filter element. As the RO membrane of the gold medal defender, it is just like the Dinghai Shenzhen with only hair strands One millionth of the tiny pore size can effectively block all kinds of impurities in the water, including viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals, reduce the content of arsenic, cadmium, chromium (hexavalent), and lead in the water, and ensure the safety of every drop of water after purification. Regardless of the powerful filtration strength of the RO membrane filter element, it is still the longest existence in the entire purification path. If the water quality is not particularly poor, its service life can be as long as 24 months.

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